Olyke Foods interview with Rudebone

Olyke interview with Rudebone:
Hello all, it’s ah Rudebone here.Earlier this month I had a virtual concert online on the show4me platform where the CEO of Olyke Foods bought a ticket 🎫 for an exclusive interview. Let’s dive into it.

Olyke: I saw your bandana video, and now I think you’ve lost a bit of weight. What have you been eating RudeBone?
Rudebone: really? well I have always wanted to be buff 💪🏾 but pot belly🤰🏻 has always been my issue.Exercising couldn’t solve this issue.About 3 years ago my uncle Moses visited me from the United States of America 🇺🇸, I prepared poundo for us to eat, then and there he told me that eating poundo was the cause of my pot belly that I should switch to an healthier alternative like oats. I stated searching until i found Olyke’s food 🥘 Oat flour. Also I reduced my eating portion and stopped late night food before sleeping. I don’t have six packs yet but my belly fat has almost disappeared.
2. Olyke: Some fans described you as “if he’s not making music, he’s cooking”. What do they mean by that?Rudebone: I guess they watch me post a lot of videos cooking with your products(Olyke Foods) haha 🤣. Well I developed interest for cooking at an early age. I regard cooking 👨🏾‍🍳 as a survival skill like swimming 🏊🏾‍♂️ . Also cooking goes hand in hand with the music 🎵.

3. Olyke: What’s your favourite ‘guilty pleasure’ kinda food? Rudebone: My favourite guilty pleasure kind of food used to be fried rice 🍚 but that’s about to change as am gona try cooking and eating fried Coarse bulgur wheat 🌾 for the first time this week (stay tuned for the video). Olyke Coarse bulgur wheat 🌾 is an healthier alternative to rice.
4. Olyke: What’s your healthy food choice?Rudebone: My healthy food choice is my newly discovered Almond soup 🍲 , thanks to olyke foods For shedding the light to this alternative Egusi (mellon) soup. I prepare it with Olyke Foods Ground Almond.
5.Olyke: If you’re not to eat anything, what would it be?
Rudebone: to be honest I got no allergy as a such and I like to taste everything but i won’t eat anything if it doesn’t taste right or don’t add value to my health.
Thanks 🙏🏽

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